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Delivery the SKJ300 pellet machine to Canada
Today,our company delivery the SKJ300 pellet machine to Canada. Our this customer want to use the SKJ300 pellet machine press the grass powder into pellets and then feed animal. Brief introduction about our company and he said he was so interested in our small animal feed pellet machine. Especially the SKJ300 600-1000kg/h pellet machine. He saw the video about SKJ300 pellet machine make pellets. Put forward that if the machine working with diesel engine,that’s very good. Then we send the diesel engine pellet machine quotation for him. Now the machine is finished production,so we send the machine to Canada.
Our small capacity pellet machine not only can press the animal feed pellet machine,it is also can make the biomass pellets from wood,rice husk,stalk,straw,sawdust and so on. Organic fertilizer pellets from animal manure.